MT4 for PC

MT4 platform introduction and features

As an advanced trading software, MetaTrader 4 (MT4) has powerful functions. In addition to its flexible trading function, MT4 also provides news, quotation, chart analysis, indicator programming, alert, email communication and other functions.
  • Fast transaction execution and quick order closing
  • Fast, reliable and comprehensive chart function
  • Set up stop profit and stop loss to protect profit control
  • Two way transaction execution function
  • Convenient operation of account, you can check the profit and loss status of account at any time
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Advanced Chart functions

Technical analysis is the magic weapon for the success of online transactions. With MT4's advanced chart function, it contains more than 30 preset transaction indicators and allows you to import your own transaction tools. MT4 also allows you to customize the chart, and you can switch freely on 9 different time axes to meet your needs.

Risk management tools

MT4 allows you to use stop loss and mobile stop loss functions to reduce transaction risk. At the same time, you can also use the earnings stop function to close positions at a preset price to reduce the possibility of losses

Multiple account types

Choose your trading account type according to your trading style and investment expectations to get the right account Settings. From individual brokers and marketing specialists to telephone callbacks, ACDFX provides professional customer support to help you consolidate and enhance your trading experience across different types of accounts