Company introduction

Company introduction

ACDFX provides online trading services for traders of CFD contracts in four categories: international futures, commodities, precious metals, stock indexes, etc. Is committed to providing customers with rich experience, convenient and safe transaction service solutions as well as the investors trade training business and investment advisory services, let traders realize an account, you can link the global market, trading at any time and place of the world's most popular financial product, realize the all-round, multi-channel global financial derivatives market online trading services. Now, ACDFX officially entered the Asian market, and set up the Asia Pacific regional office, full Chinese Internet and customer service support, to provide a full range of services for the Asia Pacific customers.

Very low barriers to investment

Investors can open an investment account in ACDFX for free, all investment products are used 1-100 times leverage trading, only $100 can start investment trading, in addition ACDFX launch industry lowest spread trading way, so that investors can obtain the largest investment return at the lowest cost.

Safe and convenient capital

ACDFX Customer funds and company operating funds are deposited in different bank accounts to ensure independent custody of customer funds. In addition, ACDFX provides a variety of payment methods, the money into the account immediately, the withdrawal application will be the fastest processing, and real-time account, open and transparent, to ensure the safety and liquidity of investors' funds.