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What is CFD? What does CFD contract for difference mean?

CFD is the acronym of English CFD. This contract refers to an agreement that allows you to use the value of a financial instrument for speculation. You don't need to buy it publicly but you can own it. In a contract for difference, if the value of the financial instrument is higher than the price when the contract is closed, the seller must pay the difference to the buyer; otherwise, the buyer must pay the difference to the seller.

What is market execution?

Through market execution, your order is closed at the current price in the market.

What is immediate order execution?

The immediate execution order is executed on the price displayed by the platform, which proves that the price is still valid. If the price is invalid due to the great fluctuation of the market, you will receive a second quotation. Please note that immediate execution is only available on the MetaTrader 4 platform